Oscar Mairs Article 7

Oscar Mairs Article 7
Question asked by a fan.

How does someone fill a void of loneliness, the dissatisfaction of not having met their match, their soulmate?

This is the question. This is the one that I have been waiting for for a while now. Everyone I talk to seems to be plagued by this, even those friends of mine who are in relationships. It seems to be the great scourge of our generation. Its ironic that in an ever-increasingly interconnected world we can still feel so alone. So much so that it is tragic. It is precisely this interconnection that is undermining real relationships though, partners can be replaced in a blink of an eye. People become commodities in the social marketplace. Our casual objectification of others robs them of their true worth. These days, a person is only worth as much as their superficial characteristics denote. In a sexualised world, we have forgotten how to come to truly know one another. We take our clothes off, but we never bare our souls. Out of fear or lust, we never let others into our hearts. That is to be truly naked.

I can’t advise you. I do not have the answer. I can make suggestions, but nothing really clears that nagging feeling within, that emptiness that echoes like hallowed halls. It is something that is always with you. Every time I go out I see girls with tits pumped full of silicone, faces painted, with as much flesh revealed as is socially acceptable. All done for the purpose of meeting their ideal man. I see guys pumping iron, pumping drugs, buying flash cars and doing everything within their power to be an attractive prospect. Again, all in the hope of meeting their ideal woman. Its as though no one will ever be good enough, no one will ever meet the desired standard. We spend so long trying to impress one another that we forget how to relate to one another.

What is that we really want? It is a meeting of the minds, it is a fusion of two spirits. It is union. It is impossible to achieve this when we view each other as objects. It is impossible to find this union when we can only communicate on a superficial level, through what we see. The most lucrative of treasure is buried deep. It is substance, moral fibre and character. It is this that is the key to finding that soulmate. Look within before you search without. Perhaps your soul yearns because it is stagnant, cold and unattractive. You attract what you project, that is undeniable, but only through truly being yourself will you find your match. If you’re wearing a mask, trying to be someone else’s ideal of perfection, you will never be complete. You’re not fooling others, only yourself. You will never find that which you search for. The best you can do is be all that you can be and hope. Sometimes hope is all we have. Just know that you’re never alone in your loneliness, everyone suffers the same.

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