Interview with Aaron Savvy

Interview with Aaron Savvy

Could you tell us a bit about yourself and how you started training?

For the past 15 years I have been training clients on establishing a healthy life-style. I do this with what I call the “F factor” or “The Savvy Method”. The Savvy method is me building an individual from the inside out. If I can help an individual understand the mental aspects of establishing a healthy life-style, the chances of him/her falling back into old ways diminishes significantly.

I wasn’t always so “Savvy” when it came to understanding this concept. It took me years to develop and master.

Growing up I was raised in an athletic household. My father participated in marathons and triathlons and my older brother was captain of his swim team. I played football, baseball and eventually got into MMA (mixed martial arts) fighting. I had the athleticism, but fell short on the perseverance and discipline. I was introduced to a trainer who changed me from the “inside out”. His name was Ken and at the age of 70 years old, taught me correct principles of training, nutrition and more importantly the “mental aspect” of maintaining and excelling.

15 years later I have maintained and continue to get stronger, faster and mentally sound. The “Savvy Method” is the core and foundation of what my mentor and trainer taught me and is what I now pass onto all those who want the same.


How do you stay motivated?

I feel blessed in the position that I possess and hold. I am a fitness trainer, wellness coach, motivational speaker and as a free lance writer able to write for several both on-line and hard copy fitness and life-style magazines. With such a great calling comes great responsibility. This is what keeps me motivated. I live what I teach and to see the transformation in helping an individual establish a new healthy life-style is priceless.

Interview with Aaron Savvy

What is your current workout routine?

My workout routine is very similar to my fighting days. I train 6 days a week and 3 hours for each of those days. I do not lift heavy for size, but rather for agility, speed, strength and endurance. My workout is a combination of circuit training and weight training. I stay lower on the weights, but am precise with isolation, muscle contraction and high repetitions within each of my workout sets.

I am big on stretching and elongating my muscles. This allows me to stay flexible and gain greater strength. I suffer no injuries and by continually staying flexible through stretching results in little to no lactic acid build up in the muscles. Blood circulation is at it’s greatest and the body is ever so happy. I get 9-10 hours of sleep each night and am very much disciplined with my nutrition. I have a saying that “if you’re good to your body, your body in return will be good to you”.


What is your diet like?

My nutritional eating regimen is very well choreographed. I eat high amounts of protein (Salmon, egg whites, chicken, tuna and have my protein shakes.) My carbohydrates consist of brown rice and oatmeal. My fats are avocados, olive oil, EFA (essential fatty acid) and almonds. I consume about 2 lbs of vegetables a day either broccoli or spinach. My fruits are bananas, apples and blueberries. I drink about 1.5-2 gallons of water every day.

Interview with Aaron Savvy

What gives you the best results when trying to get lean?

For me to stay lean is all about my eating regimen and training. I call it 80/20! 80% of what you are going to look like is nutrition while the other 20% is exercising.

Water is a diuretic and helps with staying lean. L-Carnitine is a huge contributor in attacking body fat allowing your body to burn and convert that into energy. Consuming no hard carbohydrates after 4pm will allow your body to lean out quickly.


What 3 exercises have contributed the most to building your physique?

The 3 exercises that have contributed most to my physique are:

1. Core exercises (abdominals and obliques)
2. Pull-ups
3. Squats


What supplements do you use?

My supplements consist of: Multi-vitamin, BCAA (branch chain amino acids), glutamine, NO (nitric oxide), fish oil, vitamin C, L- Carnitine and whey isolate protein powder.

Interview with Aaron Savvy

What is the most common training question that people ask you?

“How do I get rock hard 6-pack abs?”

Nutrition – first and foremost! As body fat % falls the contour core muscle structure will protrude and show.

The muscles fibers in your core respond best to slow concentrated isolated contractions. You want to perform 3-4 different core exercises (3 sets) attacking both abdominals and oblique’s (sides). The core muscle fibers recover quickly, so it’s okay to work your core every day.


What is your greatest achievement so far?

My greatest achievement thus far is my World-Wide recognition entitlement as “fitness and nutrition expert”. Gaining this entitlement were years of experience through: The launch of my own fitness series “Zero to Savvy”, Free-lance columnist, fitness model, talk radio, motivational seminar speaker.

Interview with Aaron Savvy

What are your favorite quotes?

I came up with a few quotes that I still use frequently –

1. “If you’re good to your body, your body in return will be good to you.”
2. “Use, don’t abuse.”
3. “If you say you can’t, you never will. If you say you’ll try, you leave room for doubt, but… If you
say you can, than you’ll set out to accomplish just that.”


What are your plans for the future?

My future plans are to continue on this path of health and fitness. I will most likely cut back on my one and one training and teach people in the masses through: Television, print, radio and traveling the Country performing seminars.

Another valuable tool I have is my website where I offer free fitness advice and tools in establishing a healthier life-style. I also offer customized fitness and nutritional plans that I create for you and only you.


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