Interview With Fitness Model and Actor Anthony Catanzaro

Anthony Catanzaro Interview

Could you tell us a bit about yourself and how you started training?

My name is Anthony Catanzaro. I’m 40 years old. My friends call me Tony. I live in NYC with my wife Tina for the past 15 years. I grew up in Bay shore, Long Island and I’m the youngest of six children. I have four sisters and one older brother.  I started working out at age 15. I was always fascinated with guys that were built like Greek gods and were able to turn heads wherever they went. I said to myself that’s what I want! I want the perfect  body! I started training and following the routines of my heroes like Steve Reeves, Frank Zane, even Arnold for his mindset and attitude. These guys were symmetrical rather than just muscles on top of muscles. They were perfect and I wanted that perfection!


How do you stay motivated?

I always look at myself as someone who needs to improve. I think that we should never just settle there’s always room for improvement. Some people think they cant accomplish their goals so they give up too soon. It takes time to get in shape you don’t get out of shape overnight, so how can you expect to get into shape over night?  It’s very important to stay motivated on what your goals are. Take it one day at a time and set little goals for yourself and accomplish them one by one. The biggest mistake people make is they expect too much too soon and then when they don’t get it they quit! The best way to accomplish your goals is break them up into small goals and accomplish them one at a time.

Anthony Catanzaro

What is your current workout routine?

I train 5 days a week with weights and I do cardio daily for around 20 – 30 min. When I’m cutting up more for a show, I do up to an hour of cardio per day. I also don’t come off my diet whatsoever. But even then, I would give myself 10 weeks to get into shape. I always train with heavy weights for a rep range of 12, 10, 8, 6 that’s the best way to gain and maintain muscle size Too many people want to be big, but they lift small. You should always go as heavy as you can with the correct form. Lifting a weight that’s not challenging enough will not build muscle whatsoever.


What is your diet like?

My diet is very simple, I don’t like to eat anything that’s not pure. I have a saying “If God made it use it, If man made it lose it!” This means eating everything that is in pure form. I even eat raw vegetables which are meant to be eaten raw you don’t cook fruit right? So why cook vegetables? If you like them cooked, just steam them or else your stripping all the vital health out of them. I eat 5-6 meals a day every 3 hours sometimes 2-1/2. I stay away from dairy and I only drink water no juices, sweet drinks or caffeinated drinks.

What gives you the best results when cutting?

The best way to get cut is to follow a clean diet, but you’re going to have to do cardio every single day even twice a day if possible. That’s the key, you need to burn more calories than you take in around 500 or so more than you consume. You have to put your body into a catabolic state.  Most of the time, people will eat pretty healthy but they just aren’t burning all day long like they should. It’s like if you fill your gas tank up with good fuel and then drive your car into the garage what good is it? So you need to burn. You could read every book and search the internet high and wide, but if you don’t get off your butt and work its not going to happen!

Anthony Catanzaro

What 3 exercises have contributed the most to building your physique?

I would say the top three that exercises that built my body were

1: Pull-ups which I do almost every day, 5 sets of 12reps.
2: Broom stick twists which are great for developing a small waistline.
3: Squats for great legs and size.


What supplements do you use?

I’m really not big on supplementation. I use a whey protein when I’m cutting up for a show, but I  would rather just eat real food instead. Nothing can supplement real food. I think too many people consume way too many supplements. It’s a huge mistake when you’re looking to make gains because like I always say “Powder and Pills ain’t got nothing on Food and Grills!


What is the most common training question that people ask you?

I’ve heard it all but I guess the most common question people ask me is “how long did it take you to get like that?” It’s actually a very honest question people always put a clock on everything, I want to lose 10lbs in two weeks, or I want to be jacked up by the summer. It’s really an insult to me because I work hard to get what I have and I’ve been doing it for over 25 years. I’m not saying it’s going to take that long, but its not going to happen overnight. If you take steroids or growth hormones or any other illegal poisonous drug, yeah it can happen for you quickly. But why would you want to throw away your health? You have to understand that once you stop taking the drugs, you’re going to go to nothing. At least with my hard work over the years I can take off for 3 years and not lift a weight, and still have a great body. So its not how long it takes its what it takes to get there.


What is your greatest achievement?

Anthony CatanzaroThat’s a good question because there are times when I don’t feel I’ve accomplished much at all. But I guess I have to say its the way I inspire people that’s truly why I love to do. I created my own style, my own way of thinking and my own way of seeing things. I have a saying  “Its not what others see in you, its what you see in you” The most important thing in life is that you love and respect yourself . I know for a fact there are people reading this right now that are going through problems with self confidence and self worth. My advice to you is  that you are loved by the greatest force in the universe and if you believe that you are loved, then you will feel love. Everyone is looking to be the best they can be on the outside but the most important body part to train and develop is your heart. Learn to give to others because “When you give from your heart you receive in your soul.”


What are your plans for the future?

My plans for the future are the same as they have always been. To inspire the world and bring light where there is darkness, hope when there is hopelessness, desire where there is defeat and strength were there is weakness. I’m on a mission from God to change the world one person at a time.


Is there anything you would like to say to all your fans out there?

I would like to take this time to thank all my fans out there who support and follow me. It means the world to me to be able to bring out the best in you each day.

To my family and friends thank you for your love and respect having you in my life is truly a blessing and to my wife Tina thank you for believing in me.


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  1. Kathleen Catanzaro

    You are loved & admired by many, but you were brought to us by God, who made us family. Love you

  2. alexia

    What a powerful message and he really lives what he says…Nothing fake about Anthony ! He is a true role model for anyone who wants not just to look good but to feel good about themselves..He is the real deal!!

  3. Athene

    You reap what you sow, Tony, and there is no earthly value that can be placed on inspiring people, so you are truly blessed! Thank you!

  4. Tina Catanzaro

    Im so proud to call you my husband and my soulmate! You truly are a blessing to me and so many others! I love you babe and keep on inspiring the world!


    Anthony Catanzaro #1 !!
    I just want to thank you Tony for your incredible guidance and loving heart. I have learned so much about fitness, nutrition, motivation, and most importantly, how to be a great man!! I have been working out since I was 15 yrs old as well , but sadly in recent years I fell off the bandwagon, after rereading you articles and now subscribing to your website, I feel like I’m ready to take on the world… It must be the Italian American heart inside us LOL… Thanks again to you and Tina and God Bless you both.


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