Interview With Fitness Model Erick Ruiz Salgado

Erick Ruiz Salgado Interview

Could you tell us a bit about yourself and how you started training?

I was exposed to a healthy and fitness oriented lifestyle at a very young age. My parents raised me on a diet of whole foods and encouraged me to be very active in sports as a boy. When I was growing up I played soccer, was on the swim team, and I was on my High School wrestling team. My parents always motivated me to compete, and even made protein shakes for me after my games. My mother had been taking me to the gym with her since I was very young. I would wait for her in the daycare, and watch the adults workout through the window. It was only natural that, at the age of thirteen, I started lifting weights and exploring the world of fitness.

It wasn’t until I was in college that I began competing in natural bodybuilding. I was tired of spending my weekends drinking at parties, and wanted to achieve something extraordinary. I signed up for my first bodybuilding competition, told all of my friends and family, and applied everything I learned over the years. This is when I began training seriously and began the process that has allowed me to get to where I am now.


How do you stay motivated?

I strongly believe that the difference between successful people and everyone else is motivation. I learned a long time ago that if I give myself the opportunity to back out of a commitment, I will. The best way to keep myself motivated, and committed, is by signing up for competitions and photo shoots. I will tell everyone about my upcoming event and the deadline I am working with. By sharing my goals and setting a deadline to them, I leave myself no other option but to follow through. Before long, I found myself surrounded by people who share the same goals and encourage me to excel.

Erick Ruiz Salgado Interview

What is your current workout routine?

To ensure I never hit a plateau, I cycle my workouts. I vary the weights, reps, sets, and exercises on a weekly basis. I also change the emphasis of my workouts monthly. For example, one month I will focus on building up volume, so I will at add a set to each exercise every week. The next month I will focus on building strength, so I will lower the reps per set each week.

The exercises I use are basic bodybuilding exercises like dead lifts, pull ups, and squats. These simple exercises have been used by top fitness professional for decades because they work!

Cardio is also critical to maintain a lean physique. I do not have a fast metabolism, so I use High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) cardio sessions to burn extra calories. I will do as much as two 40 minute cardio sessions a day if needed. I have one day of rest per week with NO cardio or weights lifting to avoid overtraining.

The following is an example of my workout routine:

Erick Ruiz Salgado Workout

What is your diet like?

I eat a high protein (1-1.25 g/lbs body weight) and low carb (.25-.5 g/lbs body weight) diet for 3-6 days.  Grilled chicken, egg whites, and grilled fish make up a majority of my protein sources. Old fashioned oatmeal and fibrous vegetables make up a majority of my carbohydrates.

I then refeed/ carb up for 1-2 days by increasing my carbs (~1.5g/lbs body weight). I do not worry about my protein intake during refeed days. Instead, I focus on eating complex carbs such as brown rice, sweet potatoes, and oatmeal.

The refeed days keep my body from going into a starvation mode, and give me a break from my plain high protein diet. Ironically, I find myself wanting to go back on my high protein diet after stuffing myself with carbs during my refeed. Go figure.

Erick Ruiz Salgado

What gives you the best results when cutting?

Consistency is crucial to getting results. Most people workout for two weeks, don’t see the results they want, and then quit. The people that workout, and eat right for months, or years at a time will see results. I am not sure if this is the answer you were looking for, but most people think they can get ripped in a few weeks. Preparation for a show, or photo shoot can take several months depending on conditioning. The more consistent you are with your diet and workouts, the easier it is to get shredded.

Erick Ruiz Salgado

What are your top 3 favorite exercises, and why?

I love large compound movements, because they are great for both building muscle, and maintaining them.

Dead Lifts: I am never afraid to test the limits of my strength when dead lifting, because if the weight is too much to bear, I can just drop the weight to the floor. Dead lifts also recruit virtually every major muscle group.

Squats: When done properly, squats will add pounds of quality muscle to your lower body. Squat deep, and make every rep count! Do I need any other reason?

Pull Ups: If you want a wide V taper, pull ups are a must. Add some weight to make them more difficult. It is the back that wins the show.


What supplements do you use?

I take a multivitamin to ensure that I get all of vitamins and minerals needed to stay healthy.
To provide my body with a healthy balance of omega oils, I take EFAs such as krill oil.
In the morning and post workout I take a whey protein isolate powder.
I also use a thermogenic to help my metabolism burning at optimum levels.
If I need a kick before a work out, I will also use a pre-workout supplement.

Erick Ruiz Salgado

What is the most common training question that people ask you?

Most people ask me what is the best exercise for getting six pack abs. In reality, ab training is not nearly as important as being consistent with your diet. You can NOT out train a bad diet!


Who are your favorite fitness models/bodybuilders?

One of my all time favorite bodybuilders is Steve Reeves. He was a classic example of balance and proportion.

I have also had the pleasure of meeting Greg Plitt. His passion for fitness is apparent when he speaks, and he is also willing to give advice to his fans.

I cannot forget my mentor and diet coach, Sam Bakhtiar. Not only is Sam an accomplished bodybuilder, and successful fitness expert, but he is also just a genuine guy who has helped so many people. Without his encouragement and support, I would not be doing this interview.

Erick Ruiz Salgado

What are your favorite quotes?

“The difficulties and struggles of today are but the price we must pay for the accomplishments and victories of tomorrow.”
William J. H. Boetcker

“As Winston Churchill once said, the man who keeps one eye open sees all.”
Michael Young

What are your plans for the future?

I will be competing in the NPC Men’s Physique class, and will earn my pro card this year. I am also working on various projects, including my website that will allow me to help others get ripped six pack abs. Check out the fitness magazines this year. Soon I will be on the cover.


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  1. Reggie Duarte

    Erick and I have been friends for many years. He is one of the most disciplined and dedicated people I have ever met! He is extremely genuine and just has a natural way of inspiring, encouraging, motivating everyone who comes into contact with him!

  2. Tommy Stark

    Hell Yeah! I’ve been at the gym five days a week, Erick, and I’ve been taking it slow and making every rep count. Just like you said.


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